Casino Casumo keeps a keen eye on the Canadian Market

Casino Casumo is a gambling operator that does make any compromises and that’s why it appealsCasumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218 mostly to savvy gamblers.

The casino started with the Scandinavian operations and quickly expanded beyond borders and is now widely regarded as on the most respectable casinos in Europe.

The impressive diversity of games and the fact that players are invited to embark on an epic quest rather than gamble, explains the longevity of some of their promotions.

Now that the casino is so popular on the old continent, it finds no reasons to ignore the booming Canadian market which is expected to grow even faster in the upcoming years.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the interest for gambling in general and lottery games in particular is on the rise. The Ontario lottery and Gaming Corporation is one of the promoters of the strength and it recently announced its intention to provide local gamblers with a more convenient alternative to play their games.

By now, it should be obvious that the vast majority of players prefer to gamble from the comfort of their home and even more have mobile devices. A dedicated app that will allow them to play lottery games made perfect sense and PlayOLG is expected to provide its application to Canadians. Casino

Casumo has the advantage of already shepherding a very successful community of online gamblers who can enjoy the entire spectrum of games on smartphones and tablets.


The mobile initiative was celebrated by these players and the online casino came a long way from the initial concept. Today, it is hard to find games that can’t be played on mobile devices and it is only safe to assume that all the new releases will be compatible with these gadgets.

In Canada, things are probably going to report slightly different, because the regulations are not the same and Casino Casumo will need to carefully navigate these waters.

Poker is also very popular game on both sides of the Atlantic and those who are ready to make the transition from casino games to this genre, can also do it. At the time of writing, Casino Casumo is not in the business of selling lottery tickets, so it is hard to believe that they will be able to compete with local operators anytime soon.

This shouldn’t be a problem though, because the online gambling industry is so huge and well diversified, that one stay profitable without tackling every single niche.

Those who took the time to check out the manner in which the PlayOLG has perform since its release, will surely be impressed. A lot of information can be extracted from the endeavors of the Canadian company and an online casino with so much experience can draw the right conclusions.