Gala Casino participates in Playtech’s Christmas Live promotion

Playtech is on the most respected software developers in the world, so it doesn’t need to run special galalogopromotions to attract customers.

The partnership with Gala Casino has serve their interests for many years and as the online casino is looking for more games to add, similar agreements could be signed in 2016.


Having said this, the competition is intense in this line of work and their counterparts are just as good at promoting their newly released titles.

Meanwhile, Playtech is happy to announce that several games available on its comprehensive network will now qualify for a brand-new promotion.

It goes by the name of Play Your Way To Paradise and has a spectacular prize pool of €50,000, with this amount being guaranteed by the organizers. It goes without saying that if the number of players exceed expectations, the prize will also go up, so at the end of the day it depends exclusively on the interest shown by participants.


What is certain, is that this is one of the best Christmas live promotions and the fact that all online casinos running a live dealer section participate, means a great deal for its members. Players are invited to leave their comfort zone and experience the thrills of different games, even if they are normally hooked on video poker or slot machines. The table games section can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s no reason to be afraid of putting your skill and luck to the test.

Participants are expected to play a total of 10 games to order an entry for the upcoming raffles, which are scheduled to take place once a week. In addition to the weekly draws, players will have another chance at winning a significant prize by earning tickets for the super draw. The weekly raffles have a guaranteed prize pool of €10,000 each, with the first winners claiming their prizes on December 18, while the next batch will be revealed on December 18.

This promotion doesn’t conclude at the end of 2015, although for the time being we are only aware of the raffle scheduled for December 25 and January 1. The latter is also the day when the super draw is scheduled to unfold and unlike the previous raffles, this has a guaranteed prize pool of €20,000. The amount will be split among participants and it can be converted into currency equivalent, assuming players prefer to wager in their national currency.

Highrollers usually have an advantage over regular players, as they can afford to spend more money and this promotion makes no exception. It is in their advantage that there is no limit on the maximum number of tickets that one can collect ahead of the upcoming draw.

The more tickets you have, the better the chances to win, so it makes perfect sense to play as much as possible during the promotional period.