Get behind the Rivalo Casino wheel and win a cool €50,000 in cash prizes

Winning five digit amounts when playing casino games is the exception rather than the rule, logo-5AD94DBD25CC31E9F197404477B77C5Ceven when it comes to progressive jackpots.

The prospect of collecting a check worth €50000 is always irresistible, so it comes as no surprise that the number of customers has increased at Rivalo Casino.

The recent promotion invites players to focus on the hot wheels draw, a campaign that started in the middle of the summer but was extended for the rest of 2015.
It doesn’t happen too often that a promo survives the initial deadline, but the popularity of this campaign was so great that Rivalo Casino had to make an exception.


The recent press release brings in the spotlight the players who already won a lot of money playing these games and their example serves as an impetus for prospective players. The prize pool is refreshed every month, so even those who didn’t have the chance to enter the race yet, will have multiple opportunities in the remaining months.

Rivalo Casino decided to run this promotion in close partnership with Evolution, a prominent software developer that powers their live casino section. With the games fully compatible with mobile devices, most of their users decided to switch to smartphones and tablets.

They are still eligible for the same paychecks and occasionally benefit from special promotions that award free spins to stay mobile.

What usually happens when such generous prize pools are involved is that the amount is divided almost equally among those who make a deep run in the competition. In this case, the winner will collect a generous paycheck worth €25000, which is more than enough to buy a new car. This doesn’t mean that if you finish on the podium or immediately outside it you will go home empty-handed, because there is plenty of money to be split among the runners-up.

Customer support specialists are always available to provide assistance with technical issues, but they can also be inquired about such promotions. The rules have changed and the recently opened Casino Paris section is where action unfolds, which means that only live dealer games qualify. One would have to compete at these tables any day until the end of the year and will receive raffle tickets whenever he or she wagers in excess of €100.

This promotion has the particularity of rewarding those who are very active and play on a daily basis, because more money wagered translates into more tickets for the upcoming raffle. There are some limitations to consider, such as the fact that one can only collect a maximum of 10 raffle tickets per day.

You will be promptly notified if you win a prize, so check your inbox every now and then to see if you already have a lot of money to play on slot machines, table games and video poker.