Jackpot247 Casino celebrates the arrival of Microgaming blockbuster

Jackpot247 Casino is the place where some of the best and newest Microgaming games can be played. logo-jackpot247It’s been like this for quite a while and 2017 members have good reasons to expect even better things coming their way.

For starters, the bonuses available have increased in terms of both frequency and magnitude. It is also worth mentioning the fact that new slot machines were introduced, including some well paying ones.

Castle Builder II was unveiled at ICE 2017 convention in London, with dozens of online casinos expected to introduce the Microgaming game. For anyone who is even remotely familiar with the world of online slots, the name rings familiar and for good reason. It can be played on mobile devices powered by various operating systems and it is a sequel to the popular Castle Builder game. The vast majority of those who have spun its reels are expected to give it a try as soon as it becomes available at most casinos.

Jackpot247 Casino members don’t have to wait for that moment, since this slot machine is already available. It was released here on the same day that it was internationally unveiled, which is no small achievement. The slot has a story and an interesting gameplay that is very similar to the one from videogame RPGs. It has a five reel structure and hundreds of characters that players can interact with, in addition to 15 kingdoms and 75 types of castles.

Defined by diversity and excitement, this game is expected to keep players at the edge of their seats with each spin of the real. Compared to other games, it is more immersive and meaningful, as players feel like they are part of something great. Jackpot247 Casino has an impressive collection of such games and is always willing to introduce new titles of similar quality. For this game, Microgaming worked closely with Rabcat and the result is a game that will appeal to a broad spectrum of players.

Thomas Schleischitz, CEO and Founder of Rabcat was happy to acknowledge the early success of the game and expects is to be a major breakthrough in 2017. It appears on the popularity of its predecessor but also introduces enough new features to feel like a breath of fresh air. The game expand the live cycle of the original slot and takes advantage of the new technologies in terms of visuals and sound.