Niall Farrell wins half a million and the EPT12 Malta Main Event

In the world of poker things move quickly and just one week after the World Series of poker Europe has 4ce328a500concluded in Berlin, a new tournament has started.

This time action moves to Malta where the EPT main event has recently crowned his winner, at the end of seven intense weeks of action.

There were several side events calendar over this week and many of those who suffered an untimely elimination from the tournament tried to change their fortunes and cash game tables.

Winning the first place in the main event meant a prize of more than half €1 million and it was a player from United Kingdom that emerged victorious. Niall Farrell could’ve won even more money, but when three handed play began, he and the other two players stops to decide the terms of a deal.

Due to the fact that they failed to reach an agreement, play resumed, but once Jaroslaw Sikora from Paul and was eliminated, the remaining two players decided to split the money.

Niall had more chips so it was only natural for him to get the lion’s share, but it is every bit as important for the players to see who was the last man standing.


The difference between them in terms of chips was insignificant so anything could happen and this is why it took so long for a winner to be decided. Almost 100 hands were dealt until a truly important part was grabbed by the British player, who mustered the courage of going all in on a total bluff.

His audacity paid off because his opponent decided to fold his better hand and was left short and unable to recuperate the chips lost. In fact, it took exactly 100 hands for the tournament to conclude and with Alen Bilic going all in on a flush draw, it was luck decide the outcome. He failed to hit the flash and Farrell won it all but thanks to the deal made early on, the runner-up still collecting a hefty amount.

This is the manner in which the prize pool was distributed in the EPT Main Event final:


Position Player Country Prize
1 Niall Farrell United Kingdom €534,300*
2 Alen Bilic Bosnia and Herzegovina €440,000*
3 Jaroslaw Sikora Poland €265,840
4 Giulio Spampinato Italy €203,640
5 Rainer Kempe Germany €161,340
6 Sam Greenwood Canada €125,660
7 Daniel Dvoress Canada €91,550
8 Nabil Cardoso Spain €62,570