Oktoberfest Final Table decided at WSOPE Berlin

One of the most important European poker tournaments of October is the WSOPE hosted by the casino inCroppedImage320180_NWM-berlin-wsope Berlin.

Some of the best players from all over the world join this event which is comprised of thousands of exciting competitions, including the main event.

There is a lot of money to be won and even those who don’t participate in the flaccid competition can consolidate their bankroll if they make a deep run.

The Oktoberfest event was actually a €550 tournament which brought together both amateurs and professionals and attracted in excess of 2000 players. This exceeded the expectations and it was obvious that the guaranteed prize pool will be greatly exceeded and the winner will leave with a lot of money. Many of the professionals were eliminated in the first days of the competition, but most of them choose to rebuy and made a second or even a third of 10.


Day 2 was highly competitive and a couple of players quickly crossed the psychological threshold of 1 million chips. Action was supposed to last until the final table was decided and this is exactly what happened, with only nine players still standing.

John Gale is the chip leader and the player from United Kingdom has almost 3,000,000 chips in front of him, followed closely by Rodrigo Caprioli from Brazil.

He has amassed an impressive 2.4 million chips and at this level anything can happen, given the fact that the blinds are already high and they keep going up. Steve O’Dwyer is in third with $2.2 million, while the fourth compactor can only brag about the stack of 732,000 chips.

It is self-evident that the players sitting on the podium are the ones that have an excellent chance at winning the tournament and we shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of them choosing to split the pot.

These are the final table Chip counts and the most successful players at the Oktoberfest WSOPE Berlin:


Rank Player Country Chips
1 John Gale UK 2,892,000
2 Rodrigo Caprioli Brazil 2,394,000
3 Steve O’Dwyer USA 2,231,000
4 Dietrich Fast USA 732,000
5 Harry Lodge UK 634,000
6 Vojtech Cervinka Czech Republic 623,000
7 Sandro Wuest Germany 491,000
8 Jörn Henrik Winter Germany 454,000
9 Adrian Apmann Austria 274,000